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Baku at Dawn--taken from my hotel room the first morning I was there.
City street in Baku
Dawn in Baku--taken from my hotel room a couple of hours after my middle of the night arrival from Istanbul.
A street in Baku, not far from my apartment.
View of Baku from the Martyrs' Cemetary.
A large park in downtown Baku
The Universal Supermarket--Azadliq Kucesi
The oldest part of Baku is Shirvan Sarayi, or palace. This is where the rulers of the region lived prior to the Russian conquest. This is a residential street that is close to the palace.
Shirvan Sarayi
This is me after burning off most of my eyelashes and parts of my eyebrows attempting to light an oil heater.
The Central State Archives of Azerbaijan
Waterfall, northern Azerbaijan
Two guys who worked in the alcohol section of the local grocery store. The guy on the left is a refugee from Nagorno-Karabakh--as is almost fifteen percent of Azerbaijan's population today.
My kitchen in Baku
Three waterfalls in northern Azerbaijan
Northern Azerbaijan
This was the view from my room
Me on the mountain
The mountain again
Another shot through the mist
View from my window
Cow on mountain
Rock on mountain in N. Azerbaijan
Me in Northern Azerbaijan
Me in front of the Caspian Sea at Nabran
Swimming in the Caspian
Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, Baku
Another mountain shot
The Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, Baku
Waterfall from up north
Me in Baku
Northern Azerbaijan
On the road back to Baku
Downtown Baku
Sheep on the mountain
Downtown Baku
Baku--in front of the Caspian in November
The ladies of the library-Central State Archives

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